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Doc Says: Promoting School Readiness Through a Pediatric Clinic-Based Text Messaging Intervention. Lisa J. Chamberlain, Janine Bruce, Monica De La Cruz, Lynne Huffman, Jecca R. Steinberg, Ren Bruguera, Jaime W. Peterson, Rebecca M. Gardner, Zihuai He, Yesenia Ordaz, Elizabeth Connelly, Susanna Loeb. (2021). Pediatrics, 148 (4)
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Acelero Learning: Annual Report. Leiah Groom-Thomas, Demetra Kalogrides, Monica Lee, Susanna Loeb, Kathleen Lynch. (2021). Annenberg Institute at Brown University


Funds to Improve School Facilities Reduce Achievement Gaps in California. Emily Rauscher. (2020). Scholars Strategy Network


Five Ways RPPs Can Fail and How to Avoid Them: Applying Conceptual Frameworks to Improve RPPs. Laura Booker, Carrie Conaway, Nate Schwartz. (2019). New York: William T. Grant Foundation
Measuring School Contributions to Growth in Social-Emotional Learning. Hans Fricke, Susanna Loeb, Heather Hough. (2019). Policy Analysis for California Education
Explaining Teacher Effects on Achievement Using Commonly Found Teacher-Level Predictors. Andrew Bacher-Hicks, Mark J. Chin, Heather Hill, Douglas O. Staiger


Can Teacher Evaluation Programs Improve Teaching?. Virginia Lovison, Eric S. Taylor. (2018). Getting Down to Facts II, Stanford University
Implementing the Common Core State Standards in California Schools: A Work in Progress. Susan Moffitt, Neal Finkelstein. (2018). Getting Down to Facts II
Creating Coherent Systems to Support Education Improvement. Jeffrey R. Henig, Melissa Arnold Lyon, Susan Moffitt, David Plank. (2018). Getting Down to Facts II


Agency into Action: Teachers as Leaders and Advocates for Public Education, Communities, and Social Justice. Keith Catone, Marisa Saunders, Wendy Perez, Elise Harris, Ruby Miller-Gootnick. (2017). Annenberg Institute
A counterintuitive approach to improving math education: Focus on English language arts teaching. Susanna Loeb. (2017). Evidence Speaks Reports - The Brookings Institution
Using Surveys of Students' Social-Emotional Skills and School Climate for Accountability and Continuous Improvement. Heather Hough, Demetra Kalogrides, Susanna Loeb. (2017). Policy Analysis for California Education


Memo: Improving the teacher workforce. Pam Grossman, Susanna Loeb. (2016). Brown Center Chalkboard - The Brookings Institution
Going to school is optional: Schools need to engage students to increase their lifetime opportunities. Jing Liu, Susanna Loeb. (2016). Evidence Speaks Reports - The Brookings Institution
Making use of waivers under ESSA. Susanna Loeb, Heather Hough. (2016). Evidence Speaks Reports - The Brookings Institution
Capturing the Ripple Effect. . (2016). Annenberg Institute
Helping parents help their children. Susanna Loeb, Ben York. (2016). Evidence Speaks - The Brookings Institution, 25



Race to Sustain: The Policy Implications of Racial Differences in Climate Change Public Opinion Attitudes. Jonathan Collins. (2014). Harvard Journal of African American Policy, No.5, 45-60


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Partnerships for College Readiness. . (2013). Annenberg Institute
Can a District-Level Teacher Salary Incentive Policy Improve Teacher Recruitment and Retention?. Heather Hough, Susanna Loeb. (2013). Policy Analysis for California Education
What do we know about the use of value-added measures for principal evaluation?. Susanna Loeb, Jason Grissom. (2013). The Carnegie Knowledge Network


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How stable are value-added estimates across years, subjects, and student groups?. Susanna Loeb, Christopher Candelaria. (2012). The Carnegie Knowledge Network
The Quality Teacher and Education Act: Second Year Report. Heather J. Hough, Susanna Loeb, David Plank. (2012)
The Way Forward: From Sanctions to Supports. . (2012). Annenberg Institute
Civic Investment in Public Education (VUE 32). . (2012). Annenberg Institute


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The Quality Teacher and Education Act: First Year Report. Heather J. Hough, Susanna Loeb, David Plank. (2011)


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Going to Scale with Smart Systems (VUE 28). . (2010). Annenberg Institute
Collective Practice, Quality Teaching (VUE 27). . (2010). Annenberg Institute
Building Smart Education Systems (VUE 26). . (2010). Annenberg Institute
Leading Indicator Spotlight Series. . (2010). Annenberg Institute


Leadership in Smart Systems (VUE 25). . (2009). Annenberg Institute
The Evolving Federal Role (VUE 24). . (2009). Annenberg Institute
Leaders for California's schools. Susanna Loeb, Jon Valant. (2009). Policy Analysis for California Education
Communities and Schools (VUE 23). . (2009). Annenberg Institute
Organized Communities, Stronger Schools. . (2009). Annenberg Institute
The development of a teacher salary parcel tax: The quality teacher and education act in San Francisco. Susanna Loeb, Heather J. Hough. (2009). Policy Analysis for California Education