Congratulations to Matt Kraft, Recepient of AERA 2022 Outstanding Public Communication of Education Research Award

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

The recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Public Communication of Education Research Award is Dr. Matthew A. Kraft. Using a “multi-channel communications approach,” Dr. Kraft goes beyond traditional outlets for scholarly work to share research relevant to K-12 teachers and teaching. This includes topics such as teacher evaluation, teaching coaching and tutoring, the need to decrease classroom interruptions and the inequitable impact of teacher layoffs, all from the perspectives of research, policy and practice. Dr. Kraft incorporates use of social media, conversations with practitioners and service deliverers, op-eds and articles in the popular and education press as well as active partnerships with members of various stakeholder groups.

This award honors scholars exemplary in their capacity to communicate the importance of education research to the broad public, including education communities. It recognizes scholars who have excelled in conveying important findings and research to wide audiences and who have demonstrated the capacity to deepen understanding and appreciation of the value of education research in the public sphere.