Leveraging Time for School Equity: Indicators to Measure More and Better Learning Time

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July 2014

Using standardized test scores as the main measure of educational achievement is not enough to capture the complexity of a student’s or school’s needs, challenges, and successes. Leveraging Time for School Equity: Indicators to Measure More and Better Learning Time presents a new set of comprehensive, rich, and meaningful measures of what matters to students, schools, and systems.  

The framework of twenty-four indicators emerged via extensive research and collaboration with school designers, community organizers, researchers, local funders, and other partners of the Ford Foundation’s More and Better Learning Time initiative. The project aims to use learning time as a lever for improving educational opportunities for students in the nation’s most underserved school systems. 

Read about AISR's role in developing this report: Time for Equity project

Michelle Renée
AISR Principal Associate
(310) 745-7885 / Cell

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OVERVIEW: AISR principal associate Michelle Renée describes the More and Better Learning Time Indicators Framework and reflects on the initiative's focus of leveraging time for school equity for all children.

FINANCING MBLT: Michelle Renée shares examples of innovative ways to finance more and better learning time.

TEACHERS UNIONS: Michelle Renée describes the role of teachers and teachers unions in cultivating more and better learning time throughout the system.