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The Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project (LAAMP)
$53 million, 1-to-1 challenge grant
Los Angeles, California
Project complete.  For more information, please contact the Annenberg Institute for School Reform.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Project (LAAMP) worked to strengthen the intellectual and civic capacity of the region in order to improve educational outcomes for all students. To achieve this goal, LAAMP focused upon increasing the stability of students' educational experience through the creation of 28 School Families - schools connected in a pre-K to 12 feeder pattern. School Families were continuously supported through professional development, the establishment of partnerships to increase parent involvement, and the improvement of instructional technology. As a result of its success, the School Family concept was central in the Los Angeles Unified School District decentralization plan of 2000.

Recognizing that the ability of schools to participate in quality reform significantly depends upon district and state policies, LAAMP worked to promote policies that supported effective practice. One primary issue included the reduction of class size and its relationship to the inequitable distribution of qualified teachers to all schools.

Three successor organizations continue the work of LAAMP. The Los Angeles County Alliance for Student Achievement advocates for policy issues to sustain and enhance the work of LAAMP. The Families in Schools organization supports and strengthens partnerships between schools, parents and communities. Management of LAAMP's teacher development initiative has been adopted by the Urban Education Partnership (formerly the Los Angeles Educational Partnership).