Different education reform strategies currently in use – each with its strong advocates – have created pockets of excellence, but they have failed to create equity; they have not lessened large-scale, persistent academic achievement gaps based on race and income. This site grew out of a forum convened by the Institute in 2006 to create a powerful, integrated framework that would reconcile divergent ways of defining educational equity and excellence and, by extension, differing views about which strategies work best to promote high-quality education for all students.

"Working In Alignment"
Rosanna Castro, Providence School Board member.

The goals of this site are: to examine the assumptions behind these different – and sometimes competing – strategies to achieve equity and excellence at scale; and to promote collaborative work across strategies. You will find essays, multimedia materials, and interviews that contain definitions of equity and excellence and descriptions of strategies educators today are employing. We invite you to use the interactive features of this site to engage in dialogue with the authors and other site visitors.

How do we define excellence and equity?
History of the 2006 forum Understanding Educational Equity and Excellence at Scale
Strategies to achieve equity and excellence