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June 11, 2014

Judge: Bad teachers cost kids big bucks
NPR Marketplace
Interview by Kai Ryssdal
apple core photo
A California Superior Court judge has ruled that teacher tenure “disproportionately” affects poor and minority students, saying the evidence “shocks the conscience.”

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Chafee Announces $2.1 Million For Youth Summer Work Experiences (RI)
RI NPR 6/10/14 listen
by Benjamin Bryant
Governor Lincoln Chafee has announced that $2.1 million dollars of state and federal funding will support youth summer work experiences in a variety of industries this summer. Starting in July, more than 20 community-based organizations will provide work experience and work-readiness training to residents between 14 and 24 years old.

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Judge Rejects Teacher Tenure for California
New York Times 6/10/14
by Jennifer Medina

LOS ANGELES — A California judge ruled Tuesday that teacher tenure laws deprived students of their right to an education under the State Constitution and violated their civil rights. The decision hands teachers’ unions a major defeat in a landmark case, one that could radically alter how California teachers are hired and fired and prompt challenges to tenure laws in other states.


> California teacher tenure and seniority system
   is struck down
   by Howard Blume andStephen Ceasar,
    Los Angeles Times 6/10/14

> Judge strikes down all 5 teacher protection laws
   in Vergara lawsuit
   by John Fensterwald, EdSource 6/10/14
> For LA public school teachers, verdict tossing out
   tenure feels like an attack
   by Annie Gilbertson, KPCC 6/11/14
> Will California's Ruling Against Teacher Tenure
   Change Schools?
   by Dana Goldstein 6/11/14
> My Take on the Vergara Verdict
   by Rick Hess, Education Week 6/11/14
> 10 things to know about the Vergara decision
   by Andy Smarick, Fordham Institute 6/10/14

U.S. Senate Spending Panel Zeroes Out Race to the Top Proposal
Education Week: Politics K-12 blog 6/10/14
by Alyson Klein

The Obama administration's splashiest new K-12 initiative — a new iteration of the Race to the Top program aimed at bolstering educational equity — was rejected by Senate Democrats under a spending bill for fiscal year 2015 approved by a spending subcommittee Tuesday.


Our Accountability System Is Flunking Its Test
Huffington Post 6/10/13
by Dennis Van Roekel

Public education in our country is amazingly complex and varied. No single idea, policy or solution can begin to address all the challenges in 50 states, 15,000 districts and 90,000 public schools. Add to that complexity the law of unintended consequences, and you begin to see the danger in the emphasis on “accountability” that came into vogue with the passage of President George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” law.


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Charter School Proponent, Loses Primary
Education Week 6/10/14
by Lauren Camera

In a stunning upset, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost in the Republican primary for the 7th District of Virginia Tuesday night to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat. Brat, a little-known economics professor at Randolph-Macon College whose fundraising efforts paled in comparison to Cantor’s, ran hard against immigration reform and to the far right of the Majority Leader on most issues. Just before 9 p.m., Brat claimed 56 percent of the votes and Cantor 44 percent, with 83 percent of the total vote reported.


Success Academy Seeks 14 More Charter Schools in New York City
New York Times 6/10/14
by Al Baker

A charter school network that recently clashed with Mayor Bill de Blasio over the use of public school space is seeking to vastly expand its footprint in New York City, announcing on Tuesday that it wants to open 14 more schools over the next two years.


Obama To Address Grads At Worcester School
WBUR 6/11/14
by Jim Kuhnhenn (AP)

WASHINGTON — Sixteen years ago, Worcester Technical High School was so outdated it nearly shut down. In a salute to a remarkable turnaround, President Obama will deliver the school’s commencement address Wednesday, the latest in a string of honors for a school whose demographic and educational profiles make it a model of achievement.

   Includes audio interview with principal Sheila Harrity (2:49) listen